The first large-scale international conference on podology and foot care was held in Kiev at the popular Ukraine Hotel on July 2, 2019.

conference We were visited by excellent delegates and speakers from Italy, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, who happily shared their invaluable experience and knowledge with everyone present.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for all its participants to meet with colleagues with whom they studied together, exchange experiences, and simply communicate with each other and establish new connections.

The conference guests can be doctors, podologists, pedicure masters, members of the association, as well as everyone who is interested in this topic.

Speakers / topic

Dr. VALEROPONTI (president of the Association of Podology in Italy) is a podiatric surgery for onychocryptosis.


Dr. DMYTRENKO SVETLANA (MD, professor of the Department of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases) modern principles of treatment of onychomycosis.


Dr. LUCA RUSSO (Doctor of Medicine and Podolog) biomechanics of human walking and plantar foot pressure analysis.


Dr. IVKO IRINA (dermatologist-venereologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, and dermato-oncology) foot hyperhidrosis. 1 aktivnost v kieve

Dr. MOHAMED NURI HAMDOUN (MD, podologist, and president of the INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION) how to become successful in the profession of a podologist.

Dr.KIRILL SHLYKOV (doctor orthopedist - children's orthopedist) children's foot and flat feet.

SAPOZNIKOVA IRINA (Paramedic, rehabilitologist, and head nurse) sterilization and disinfection in a modern office of nail aesthetics and podology.


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