INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION confidently occupies the best organization in its professional field. We specialize in the medical care of practicing podologists, who are used to receiving clients frequently and need expert support.

Президент Ассоциации

Association President

Вице-президент Ассоциации


Member of Management



Accountant – Expert

INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION was established in 2019 as a public organization. The main goals of the activity are to help improve the health care system, revive the public and social weight of the doctor’s profession, introduce the principles of effective management in the context of industry reform, protect the legitimate interests of its members, improve professional medical education, and modern management principles.

The INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION is a voluntary association of individuals created to implement and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, the satisfaction of the public, in particular, economic, social, cultural, educational and other interests of its members and other people.

The Organization’s activities are public, which is manifested in its interaction with state authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations of various forms of ownership, partnerships with other public organizations, movements, foundations registered in Ukraine or abroad, citizens Ukraine, by foreigners and stateless persons.

The main objective of the Organization in the development of professional education of specialists in the field of Podology and foot care, as well as providing citizens with access to quality medical services in the field of podology.

Management of the Organization is carried out on the principles of democracy, transparency, elective governing bodies, subordination, and executive discipline, taking into account the regulatory documents of the Organization.