Association Membership Terms

membership terms The public organization “.INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION” is a voluntary association of individuals created to implement and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to satisfy the public, in particular, economic, social, cultural, educational and other interests of its members and other people.

Members of the Organization can be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are legally in Ukraine, have reached the age of 14 and recognize the Charter of the Organization and contribute to activities aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of the Organization.

Admission to the Association is based on a written application addressed to the President by a decision of the Board of the Organization, which is adopted within a month from the date of submission of the relevant application. The Board of the Organization has the right to refuse to accept a person into membership. The Board of the Organization has the right to delegate the right of admission to members of the separate divisions of the organization or other statutory bodies.

The Association provides primarily for the participation of Doctors, podologists, and masters of hardware pedicure.

Payment of membership fees upon joining the Association is made by bank transfer to the account of the Association within 3 working days after the acceptance of the application by the President of the Association.

As of 2020, the annual membership fee to the Association is 1000 hryvnia (national currency of Ukraine).

Payment of membership fees is made annually. In case of late payment, a member of the Association is automatically deprived of the membership and privileges granted by our Association


INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION is a leading international professional organization in the field of medical care and pedicure masters

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