For the first time in the city of Bar, a lecture by Dr. Mohamed Nuri Hamdoun the founder and president of the INTERNATIONAL PODOLOGY AND FOOT CARE ASSOCIATION, a general practitioner, the organizer of international conferences on podology, leading author seminars, the specialist podologist of the German Federation of Cosmetology, and Foot Care.

Lecture topics:

  • The history of foot care.
  • Foot care. How often do pedicures?
  • How to trim children's nails?
  • Ingrown toenail problems. Prevention and treatment.
  • How to care for a foot with diabetes. What do diabetics need to know and consider when choosing shoes?
  • Rules for the selection of shoes for children and adults.
  • Is fungus a verdict or is there a chance to be cured? Ways of infection, methods of prevention, and treatment.
  • What are corns and calluses talking about? How to get rid of them?
  • Who is a podologist and who is his client, what problems are solved in the podology office?
  • Apparat pedicure or home care?
  • Apparat pedicure or scalpel for the treatment of cracked heels?
  • Is correction systems help to avoid surgery in the treatment of ingrown toenails.
  • Bunion and how to deal with it?
  • Innovative treatments for warts.
  • The use of taping, acupuncture in podology
  • What will the podometry inform (foot diagnostics)?